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Mingleurn is a team of revolution, innovated by dozens of designers who lead the trend well. With elegant taste, unique patterns, delicate work, and excellent service, we are proud to present our best collection here.

Core Values • Exquisite Craft • Original Design

“MING” - sunshine, warmth, and enthusiasm X “LEURN” - thread, ribbon, and silk

Every word means something in Chinese.“MINGLEURN” is also very meaningful.
MING is a letter composed of sun and moon. Sun gives warmth and the moon, it says a heart of gentle, romantic, and tolerance. Let me tell you a secret, MING also includes the names of the founder Mr. and Mrs. Chen! As for LEURN, in ancient Chinese, LEURN is a word that represents ribbon and green silk. In addition to indicating the products sold by Mingleurn, this word also means management. The attitude of calm, to handle all the work with charm, or even talk with humorous, our founder always brings out these manners as our mission. And these principles of management, make the company more positive, energetic, and delighted.

Since 1987, Mr. Chen started his business with the sale of wedding materials. At a young age, Mr. Chen worked hard and moved from the south to the north of Taiwan. During this period, he experienced and went through many difficulties. On a burning hot day, he heard the whistle from the cops soon after he set up a stand at the busiest place in Taipei. Every street vendors including him were running away. Day by day…, no matter how hard it was, Mr. Chen did not look back and insist on his own way. Until now, all the tough memories made every moment as a precious memory of life, and every insistence turns into a sweet result. Because of this enthusiasm, he successfully created MINGLEURN, which has stood for more than 30 years

Brides are the most sensitive client in the world, thus the wedding industry needs endless enthusiasm and thoughtfully carefulness. Products like laces and embroideries have always been popular in Europe. In the early 90s, MINGLEURN brings the world trend back to Taiwan, in the meanwhile, the wedding industry chain started to form in Taiwan and pushed Taiwan becoming an important and indispensable part of this market. MINGLEURN also emerged at the same time.

In 2003, aside from focusing on trading business only, MINGLEURN put more effort to extend the services starting from development, design, and production. Since 2008, MINGLEURN began working on the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and connected the production department with marketing. Until now, this upgrade is still ongoing to reduce the problems which might occur during this complicated and customized profession. To serve customers with multiple options, besides wedding design, MINGLEURN expanded and increased one more design team for fashion projects. Hope designers could find their dream design with beauty and trendy.

MINGLEURN works carefully with each design and brings out all the exquisite and compact patterns. We take every requirement seriously. Keeping on developing innovative designs is our future and destiny. Here, hope you enjoy all these creative ideas and im

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