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MING’s Service

Here you can find common questions and answers, we hope that this information can solve your confusion and use the website more smoothly.
Member Service
Member Service

Why register as a member?

Once registered as a member can enjoy the thoughtful service provided by MINGLEURN for members :

♥ Only being the members can enter the product area to view the latest product designs every quarter.
♥ Get an exclusive a MINGLEURN Genie tailored to your needs
♥ Only being the members can purchase products at preferential prices.
♥ Only being the members can enjoy irregular discounts!

Something wrong with my account and code.

If you have any questions about your account or code, please check with your member center first.

★ If you need furthermore helping, please click “Let MING help” fill the form, then your exclusive Genie will reply to you as soon as possible.★
Shop Guides

How to use online shop?

Please complete the registration form then wait a bit for the review by MINGLEURN Fairy.
After Fairy opens your VIP qualifications you could start to shopping on the MINGLEURN website.

How to track my order?

When the order is confirmed, MINGLEURN will send an order establishment notification letter to your mailbox. You could check your orders by logging into the website, enter the member center, and click [Orderlist] to check the status of each order.

Where are MINGLEURN`s Sales territories?

✈ MINGLEURN has a global service.✈

What is the payment method?

Payment methods for overseas orders are all priced in U.S. dollars. Only online credit card payments are provided. Transaction fees and exchange rates are subject to the card-issuing bank's regulations. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card issuing bank.

★ If you have any questions about the payment method, please generate your order as a demand form, and your exclusive genie will contact you as soon as possible ★

How many days does it take to receive the goods after ordering?

The estimated delivery date of shipment depends on the status of the items you order.
Shipping Guides

What delivery method MINGLEURN use?

☛ If you are using our delivery, we will use DHL to send and refer to the estimated delivery days and freight of international air parcels provided by DHL.

☛ If your delivery address is in China or Taiwan, MINGLEURN will provide you with a free shipping service.

☛ If you have a logistics company that you often cooperate with (Ex: SF express, UPS, FedEx, etc), please select "Cooperate Logistics" in the second step of the checkout process, and fill in your logistics company and your account. We will use it when shipping.

Will there be tariff issues with overseas orders?

According to the laws and regulations of the country of delivery, import duties, value-added tax, customs clearance fees, postage, etc. may be levied.

When these import duties, value-added tax, customs clearance fees, and postage are required to be collected by the customer (when the orderer and the consignee are different, the consignee will be charged.)

The payment will charge the consignee through the delivery post office or the delivery company of the destination.

What should I pay attention to when ordering overseas?

When ordering goods, must clearly understand in advance the laws, regulations, etc. of the country and region where you located, as well as the prohibited goods. In the unlikely event that the ordered goods are confiscated in the country or region, MINGLEURN will not be liable.

MINGLEURN is unable to refund the product payment and delivery fees to you for these reasons. In addition, overseas purchases do not provide invoices.
Exception Handling

Can I send it again if I fill in the wrong address?

Please fill in the correct recipient information when ordering. If the information is wrong and cannot be delivered, returned, or discarded, all the relevant logistics costs shall be borne by the buyer.

After the order is established and paid, can it be modified, purchased, or combined?

The purchase amount of the product is mainly displayed at checkout. Once the order is established, please realize that you can no longer "modify", "add additional purchases" or " combined" the order. Please be sure to reconfirm the shopping details, product specifications, quantity, checkout amount, and delivery information before checkout.

★ If you need furthermore helping, please click “Let MING help” fill the form, then your exclusive Genie will reply to you as soon as possible.★

How can I do If the purchased product is found to be defective or stained?

Before MINGLEURN send out the shipment, we will have a quality check and properly packaged.

If you find that the product is stained or defective when you receive the goods, you can directly contact your exclusive Genie to serve you, we will reply as soon as possible.
Cross-industry cooperation

How can I have the cross-industry cooperation with MINGLERUN?

Welcome to cross-field cooperation from all walks of life to achieve the best results for a win-win enterprise.
Enterprises from all walks of life are kindly requested to send your cooperation content to the click “Let MING help” fill the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as we receive it.

★ If you have any questions, please contact us during our business hours. ★
☛ OFFICE TIME: Mon. to Fri. ( GTM+8 ) 9:00-18:00 PHONE ☎ +886 2 29512727